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Oulu is on the whole a really Safe and sound metropolis, but stay clear of moving into arguments late in the night in rapid food joints. Some suburban regions like Kaukovainio and Meri-Toppila Have got a terrible popularity and will be prevented at nighttime time. Make contact with[edit]

Quite possibly the most possible principle is that the identify derives from your Finnish dialectal phrase oulu, that means "floodwater", which happens to be relevant to e.g. Southern Sami åulo, which means "melted snow", åulot indicating "thaw" (of mysterious top origin). Two other term families have also been speculated to generally be relevant. The first is seen from the Northern Savo dialectal word uula and its Sami counterpart oalli, the two that means "river channel".

“Vas­tus­tat­ko pak­ko­pa­lau­tuk­sia? Näy­tä so­li­daa­ri­suu­te­si kir­joit­ta­mal­la vaa­li­lip­pu­si nu­me­ron al­le #stop­de­por­ta­ti­ons!”

This marked The very first time when Kärpät claimed a medal around the nationwide amount. The emergence of youthful players was ongoing by Pekka Arbelius who was titled rookie from the year.

Yli tuplaten viime vuotta enemmän hakijoita – Oulun yliopiston kansain­vä­li­siin mais­te­ri­oh­jel­miin tunkua

Oulu Castle (Oulun linna). There is nearly very little to describe because the Castle of Oulu was ruined within an explosion of gunpowder deposit (by a bolt of lightning) while in the 18th century.

Aineissa autoilleita kortittomia jälleen poliisin haaviin – Poliisi useful reference nappasi myös viinapäissään autoilleen bensavarkaan

Het­ta sa­noo, et­tä hän on saat­ta­nut jos­kus muul­loin­kin ja­kaa mui­den puo­lu­ei­den mai­nok­sia.

Kirjoitukset julkaistaan nimellä ja vain poikkeustapauksissa nimimerkillä. Julkaistavien tekstien valinta ja käsittely jäävät aina toimituksen harkintaan.

Largely a meals industry, providing fresh and conserved foods different from reindeer meat to Asian specialities. The industry and the surrounding 'aitat' (or Check This Out barns) also offer you several different souvenir-style items.  edit

Oulu, Swedish Uleåborg, town, west-central Finland, for the mouth from the Oulu River over the Gulf of Bothnia. All through the eu Center Ages a investing article was Situated on the site. In this website 1590 the prospering settlement was fortified, and see here town legal rights were being granted in 1610. The fortress was ruined by an explosion in 1793, and town was Practically totally destroyed by fireplace in 1822; however it became amongst Finland’s main commercial centres inside the 19th century.

Muik­ku­laa­tikko: Jos Kyllönen tulisi kuulolle apsin aamu­par­la­ment­tiin, niin vieläkö olisi sitä mieltä, että kyllä kansa tietää?

Vaa­li­a­si­ois­ta vas­taa­va neu­vot­te­le­va vir­ka­mies Hei­ni Huo­ta­ri­nen oi­keus­mi­nis­te­ri­ös­tä sa­noo, et­tä yli­mää­räi­established teks­tit vaa­li­li­pus­sa mi­tä­töi­vät ää­nen.

Take a look at Koivurannan kahvila in an old house with the river, Kasamintie 51. Then either ride or wander Oululainen back to the center for a complete of 8km journey or take the bus range 7 back to the middle.

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